Write an essay on haste makes waste origin

In fact, a word in Shakespeare actually becomes the emotion, and when he organises his words into phrases and sentences that applies even more strongly. In the sonnets, particularly, although they are only fourteen lines, there is a world of experience in each one because every item of expression has several layers of meaning, all interacting with all the other expression in the poem. Could you do that? Could anyone but Shakespeare?

Write an essay on haste makes waste origin

Although I think it's correct, I'm not sure about the ettiquette for editing essays. If people think my edit [1] changed the tone too much, I'd be happy to fork off my edits maybe to WP: In fact, there are two. No personal attacks policies specifically prohibit this: Even if true, such remarks tend to aggravate rather than resolve a dispute.

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Ultimately, there is no good reason to 'call a spade a spade'. It does nothing to improve the encyclopedia.

write an essay on haste makes waste origin

Nothing to defuse conflict. It serves only to allow people to insult those they do not like. Which is inherently poisonous to any sort of collaborative effort.

Discuss the person's edits, and the effect these edits has on articles.

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But don't try to evaluate the person's character or "behavior" at all. Was the page moved from a previous title by mistake? While we must remain civil, calling a spade a spade is part of a reliable editor's job. Note, however, that although it is generally not uncivil or a personal attack to do so, calling a spade a spade may not be the most productive course.

So, is it part of a reliable editor's job, or is is not the most productive course? Why would it be part of a "reliable editor"'s job to be unproductive? Is there actually a situation where "calling a spade a spade" is productive?

I've observed an awful lot of examples to the contrary. Excuse me for not looking up examples, but those who need examples are no more likely to accept them as valid than they are likely to recall and recognize examples from their own Wikipedia experience.

50 Most Unique and Interesting Construction Dissertation Prompts Referrer URL if available: A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany.
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This essay claims the opposite -- that a person's perception of another's rudeness is enough to classify that person as rude. The proposed classification is not specific to behavior but to persons -- we aren't asked to identify Point of View pushing, we are asked to identify point of view pushers.

If a garden hoe is used once to do the work of a spade, we are told by this essay to call a garden hoe a spade.

This proposal is submerged in a fundamental attribution error attributing to character what more properly would be attributed to situational relationships. The problem appears to be that the author of this essay lacks the patience, or does not want to exercise the patience to understand situations that might cause one person to perceive another as a "spade" -- either that, or this essay is a plea for absolution related to ongoing meanness toward some contributors.

Swords into spades So, after reading this a number of times, it seems like the gist of it is that there's a fine line between incivility and calling a spade a spade.

See this quote, for ex: I've always been one to call a spade a spade.Aug 16,  · That’s why it’s better to slow it down and think it through, and to take it one step at a time.

After all, you only have one shot at winning the Masters every year, so why not make it your best? I can definitely relate the phrase haste makes waste to homework.

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Sometimes, you just really don’t feel like doing it. A Brief History of American Literature I've decided to try to read one author from The Norton Anthology of American Literature each week this year, and write about what I learn.

For all you non-English majors out there, The Norton Anthology of American Literature is like the Bible of literature. A summary of Book XII in Virgil's The Aeneid. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Aeneid and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Nov 02,  · Specifically it will discuss the points John Keats makes regarding the power of art to stir the imagination, to survive across time and space, and to give meaning to a world in flux.

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Keats poem celebrates the urn as an artifact of history and how that artifact is like a snapshot in time, illustrating the lives and the people of long-ago. Notes Titus Vespasian Titus Vespasian, Roman Emperor from A.D. 69 to 79, known as a beloved ruler. Descartes René Descartes formulated his famous dictum, Cogito ergo sum — I think, therefore I am — in an attempt to arrive at one proposition that cannot be doubted.

Essay of Dramatick Poesy. haste makes waste - time gained in doing something rapidly will be lost if you must do it again to correct your mistakes Haste makes waste I thought, as the carpenter repaired the work that had not been done correctly the first time.

SparkNotes: The Aeneid: Book XII