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Swap meet clothing online

The purpose of this guide is to start getting you acquainted with the British, their country, and their ways.

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America and Britain are allies. Hitler knows that they are both powerful countries, tough and resourceful. He knows that they, with the other United Nations, mean his crushing defeat in the end. So it is only common sense to understand that the first and major duty Hitler has given his propaganda chiefs is to separate Britain and America and spread distrust between them.

If he can do that, his chance of winning might return. No Time to Fight Old Wars. If you come from an Irish-American family, you may think of the English as persecutors of the Irish, or you may think of them as enemy Redcoats who fought against us in the American Revolution and the War of But there is no time today to fight old wars over again or bring up old grievances.

Plain, common horse sense; understanding of evident truths. The most evident truth of all Swap meet clothing online that in their major ways of life the British and American people are much alike.

They speak the same language.

Swap meet clothing online

They both believe in representative government, in freedom of worship, in freedom of speech. But each country has minor national characteristics which differ. It is by causing misunderstanding over these minor differences that Hitler hopes to make his propaganda effective.

British Reserved, Not Unfriendly. You defeat enemy propaganda not by denying that these differences exist, but by admitting them openly and then trying to understand them. The British are often more reserved in conduct than we.

Probably they are paying more attention to you than you think. The British have phrases and colloquialisms of their own that may sound funny to you. You can make just as many boners in their eyes.

Near the end of this guide you will find more of these differences of speech. British money is in pounds, shillings, and pence. This is explained more fully later on. The British dislike bragging and showing off. When pay day comes it would be sound practice to learn to spend your money according to British standards.

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They consider you highly paid. The British "Tommy" is apt to be specially touchy about the difference between his wages and yours. Keep this in mind. You will find many things in Britain physically different from similar things in America. But there are also important similarities-our common speech, our common law, and our ideals of religious freedom were all brought from Britain when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Our ideas about political liberties are also British and parts of our own Bill of Rights were borrowed from the great charters of British liberty. Remember that in America you like people to conduct themselves as we do, and to respect the same things.

Try to do the same for the British and respect the things they treasure. The British Are Tough.

Swoondle Society This new online swap meet-style trading platform was started by a Brooklyn mom looking to trade her daughter's old clothes for cute duds to outfit her newborn son. Paige Mycoskie is the founder & creative visionary behind the ’s inspired California lifestyle brand, Aviator Nation. Aviator Nation was born in Paige’s garage in Venice Beach, , and has since grown into a global lifestyle brand. Swap Baby Goods is set up for parents to list the items their families are finished using for sale -- or for swap. Posters assign each item a value and offer other site users the option of.

Sixty thousand British civilians-men, women, and children-have died under bombs, and yet the morale of the British is unbreakable and high. The British are tough, strong people, and good allies.

They are far more interested in getting together in solid friendship with us, so that we can all start dishing it out to Hitler. No part of England is more than one hundred miles from the sea. If you are from Boston or Seattle the weather may remind you of home. If you are from Arizona or North Dakota you will find it a little hard to get used to.

At first you will probably not like the almost continual rains and mists and the absence of snow and crisp cold. Actually, the city of London has less rain for the whole year than many places in the United States, but the rain falls in frequent drizzles.

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Swap meet clothing online

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