Sources of support essay

An essay usually means a relatively short writing piece compared to a term paper or a written project.

Sources of support essay

Hire Writer Alice, who became blind upon an accident which she decided to keep forever, lost her identity. Used to the fact that she was the cute little girl everybody admired, she was devastated to learn that her blindness changed the whole of her.

Sources of support essay

She even lost the favor that she is used to getting from her father. This event instilled in her the change that forever altered her life. But Alice was able to live an almost normal life. She even had her own family, and it was in this new family that she was able to conquer her fear in herself.

When she was assured by her daughter that her blindness made her special instead of different, she received a renewed view of her personal identity.

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What has become a shattered view of herself became whole again, and she got the affirmation that her blindness did not make her a different person. She may have been blinded, but she is the same Alice she knew herself to be. Zora was black and grew up in a black neighborhood. She knew she is colored, but she never felt it affected her substantially.

Typically, an ordinary individual will create a comfort zone on the place he grew up in, and the things that she was used to do. She knew she had to break the barriers of her comfort zone to achieve her goals. She knew that being stifled by her difference is the worst mistake she can do.

And so she defied the conventions and enriched her uniqueness instead of focusing on her difference. Nancy Mairs had the same concepts.

Being suddenly crippled by multiple sclerosis, Mairs found herself trapped in a situation no one will ever want but she. But Mairs was wise. She transformed her ordeal to a milestone by getting inspiration from her condition to write a piece that will both honor her condition, her newfound strength, and to inspire the many other that are in the same situation as she is.

A positive view of oneself is a state of mind. When one sees the good in his life and his person, despite all the bad, finding an identity can be an enriching and inspiring experience not only for himself but also for the others.

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The state of mind is an important aspect that every person must develop. Truly it will be hard to prepare oneself from the unexpected, but preparations are less needed as compared to reason and sound thinking.

When a person can decide quickly and save himself from the psychological miseries that destiny can bring, he is a better person that the one who thoroughly prepares for the unexpected that can happen. In effect, making peace with the self can bring forth bounty because it defies all the negative energy that bad impression of self brings.

It is only through inner peace that one can truly appreciate his abilities and usefulness. Through this can one be truly productive. Hidden Truths We all have our perceptions of ourselves. As with our three authors, some self concepts can be positive, some negative.

While it is prescriptive to make a positive self concept, life still can be filled with surprises. As learned by Wayson Choy, there are truths in our own selves waiting to be uncovered despite all our efforts to create the most truthful self image and personal identity. These hidden truths can be squarely unfair.

For Choy for instance, as he recounted in his Ten Thousand Things, the hidden truth was that the parents he knew all his life were not his own parents.

As if the truth was not painful enough, his uncovering of the truth was set at the time when his parents are already dead. As a complete orphan there were only two aunts to ask, and confirm, what an interviewer revealed to him: Like Zora, the revelations shattered his comfort zone a bit.

The revelation was so sudden that despite the progressive turn of event it still surprised him. He prepared himself for the worst, but when the worst came he was still unprepared. Yet Choy is wise enough to accept the truth and re-create himself from that truth.

Acceptance can make one get used to a condition however negative it can be. Conclusion Personal identity is important. It creates a person—his thoughts, his feelings, his whole self.Forgot Password? Enter your Student ID and we'll send you a link to change your password.

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