Songwriting adhd meds

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Songwriting adhd meds

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August 20, at 1: How cool is that? If you ever do need them, hopefully they will invent something that agrees with your system better… August 20, at 9: I am sorry that you thought no one would respond to you.

I believe you had a lot to offer all of us. It sounds to me like you were very over medicated as a younger person.

I cannot imagine being on those dosages.

songwriting adhd meds

Before I knew all that I know now, I remember children on field trips needing to take their meds just prior to lunch. While the were very active prior to, they did slump into an almost catatonic state and certainly did not eat their lunch! I believe their is much better understanding about the disorder and what can be done with and without meds.

One of the webnars has a doc that said how he was treating ADD children years ago would today be considered malpractice. I am not suggesting that you go back on meds but if things began to unravel, I suggest seeking a couple of opinions and research the drugs and dosages currently prescribed.

songwriting adhd meds

I know your folks were trying to do what was best for you. It sounds like they love you very much and are very supportive of YOU.

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The fact that you realize that, is something I long to hear from my own sons…. All the best young creative man! You sound pretty cool to me. Oh, I better go, I am feeling older by the sentence. August 20, at 9:You might be afraid of meds for ADHD without having any personal experience of how they can help.

Some people still think that the meds will turn their child into a “zombie” in school. You might still be in denial of “how bad this really is.”.


I am seeking a way to correct this now before trying antidepressents or ADHD meds again. I was prescribed a testosterone cream that I am suppose to rub all over my arms, but I am not suppose to put any other lotion on my arms, ever.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Dec 05,  · The Forums › Forums › Medication › Concerta › NO [ ] Search for: Viewing 0 posts. I have loved this series you have shared with us! I sing at least 4 days a week as a worship leader which tends to be a lot of high energy belting.

Will Smith. Will Smith has done it all – acting, singing, songwriting, and directing – so you may find it hard to believe that he has ADHD. He does, and his impressive career is proof he has never let it .

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