Rohana mahbub thesis

It is unlikely that any investigation of alleged war crimes can be confined only to a particular period of time lying at the end of a continuum of hostilities covering a period of a nearly thirty years.

Rohana mahbub thesis

The birth of modern politics thesis

Within less than two decades ithas grown into a worldwide organization with members in more than a hundredcountries. During the last two to three years especially there has been consider-able growth, both in membership and activities. The movement meets with greatsympathy from the public in many countries; it has been honoured by awards andprizes of high reputation.

This fame has created problems.

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There is a tendency to weave a myth aroundAmnesty International. The organization is expected to act in almost all countrieson almost all violations. We are sometimes treated with a respect which we do notdeserve and are faced with expectations which we cannot fulfil.

It is now moreimportant than ever for us to explain who we are and what we do: Amnesty International is not a do-gooder for all possible causes; it has a re-stricted mandate.

Rohana mahbub thesis works for the release of prisoners of conscience and againsttorture and executions, but is not involved in work against unemployment, starva-tion or other social diseases.

Rohana mahbub thesis

Our platform is the Universal Declaration of HumanRights, adopted thirty years ago by the nations of the world. Within that frameAmnesty International concentrates its resources on particular basic civil andpolitical rights. We do not cover a broader spectrum.

This is not because we ignore theimportance of all the other rights, but because we recognize that we can onlyachieve concrete results within set limits.

In fact, we believe that there is a close relation between different rights. Whenexploited people cannot make their voices heard, both political and socio-economic rights are violated.

Very often there is an inter-relationship betweenthe two--the most obvious example being when trade unionists are imprisoned.

Amnesty International neither understands nor accepts the attempts sometimesmade to create a conflict or a contradiction between these two sets of rights.

Nor do we accept a contradiction between the rights of peoples or nationson the one hand and the human rights of individuals on the other.

Human rightshave many times been violated in the name of so-called higher interests, such asthe "nation", the "party" or the "struggle".

But experience shows that thesecauses undermine themselves if they need the support of terror. Basic humanrights must stand above all other political ambitions and should be respectedunder all circumstances and in all situations.

And again, in the long run, civil andpolitical rights are the basis of the other rights, and also of those of a collectivenature. This is how Amnesty International understands its role in the field of human 2rights: Another of our characteristics is impartiality.

Amnesty International does nottake a stand for or against any religion, political party, ideology or economicsystem. Here again, we restrict ourselves to the narrow scope of political lifewhich deals with specific basic rights. Of course we realize that there is a linkbetween general politics and the rights we try to defend; changes of governmentoften result in arrests or releases.

But this fact does not make us change ourapproach. We simply take facts into account, without hiding some of them oremphasizing others, according to regime or ideology. Our impartiality is not always appreciated or even understood by governments.

This is not surprising:Max Weber’s thesis that the Protestant ethic contributed mightily to the rise of capitalism in Europe has been substantially weakened by the extraordinary triumph of .

Sarath Wijesinghe – former Sri Lankan Ambassador to UAE and Israel RULER IS ONLY A TRUSTEE. Ruler is only a Trustee of a Nation and there is every reason to be cautious in dealing with the rest of the world on behalf of the country in trust- especially when the previous experiences have shown adverse results for not being cautious.

QUT Thesis Mahbub, Rohana () An investigation into the barriers to the implementation of automation and robotics technologies in the construction industry.

PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.


Professor Mahbub Hassan is from the School of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include: Mobile and Wireless Networks; Wireless Sensor Networks.

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