Psychology essays on depression

This course is now in clearing. Course Summary Psychology is about people - the study of the human mind and behaviour. As such psychology graduates are well sought after in many workplaces.

Psychology essays on depression

Depression Depression This paper will examine the issue of depression and the various aspects, which relate to this topic. The paper will define depression and examine the meaning that people accord to this term.

In addition, the paper will explore the causes of depression, and symptoms of this disorder. This paper will also explore the various forms of depression, the diagnosis, and treatment of this disorder. Definition of Depression Depression refers to a medical disorder that leads to feelings of loss of interest, as well as feelings of sadness.

Depression has an impact on how a person behaves, thinks, and feels. There are many physical and emotional problems, which may emanate from depression.

Most people suffering from depression may have negative feelings towards themselves.

Psychology essays on depression

Depression has an impact on the day to day activities of an individual, especially during the days when one suffers from depression.

Causes of Depression The causes of depression include a combination of environmental, biological, psychological, as well as genetic factors. When a person is undergoing depression, neurotransmitters tend to be out of balance.

Depression is caused by an imbalance in the various parts of the brain, which control sleep, thinking, behavior, mood, as well as appetite. Depression can also be a genetic disorder that runs in families.

Some genes may predispose people to depression, especially when genetic factors combine with environmental factors that cause depression. Other causes of depression include trauma, which may result from losing loved ones, stressful situations, or experiencing difficulty in relationships.

There tends to be higher rates of depression in women than in men. This emanates from factors such as psychological factors, hormonal, lifecycle, as well as biological factors, which women tend to experience more than men.

For instance, there is a possibility that women will develop postpartum depression upon giving birth, especially because there are some hormonal changes that have taken place and there is the responsibility of taking care of the newborn child National Institute of Mental Health, Depression may also emanate from financial troubles; for example, when a person faces difficulties in raising the money that he or she needs to settle some of his bills.

The daily hassles at work can also cause depression. This results from work overload and lack of adequate rest. Conflict with friends and family members can also cause depression.

Depression can also be caused by certain medications and drugs that a person could be taking. For instance, drugs used in the treatment of high blood pressure increase the risk of having depression National Institute of Mental Health, Major life events have also been identified as main causes of depression.

These events may include been involved in an accident, losing a job, retiring, or going through the rigorous process of divorce. Substance abuse can also cause depression; persons having substance abuse problems have are vulnerable to either clinical or major depression.

Symptoms of Depression Persons suffering from depression do not experience similar symptoms; the symptoms of depression tend to differ from one person to another. The duration, frequency, as well as the severity of depressive symptoms, tend to vary with regard to how a person responds to depressive episodes.

However, there are some symptoms of depression that can be termed as applicable to almost all persons. Some of the most common symptoms of depression include pessimism, as well as hopelessness.

Depression may also be characterized by anxiety, empty feelings, as well as feelings of persistent sadness.Depression is not only one of the most widespread and prevalent of the major psychiatric disorders but also one of the most excessively researched mental illnesses. It has often fundamentally affects people’s well-being and quality of life.

The Science of Optimism and Hope: Research Essays in Honor of Martin E.P. Seligman (Laws of Life Symposia Series).

Essay on Psychology, the Brain, and Depression Words | 3 Pages Psychology, as most know, is the study of the mind and personal or group thoughts, feelings, and emotions in humans and animals. Psychology essay on depression.

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Psychology essays on depression

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