Pakistan economy geo politics of water

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Pakistan economy geo politics of water

Fairs and Festivals Governance India, the world's largest democracy, has made tremendous strides in economic and social development in the past two decades.

Looming water crisis biggest risk for Pakistan economy: WEF survey - Newspaper -

The country aims to become a higher middle-income country by and that calls for even faster growth in the years to come.

With new government in place this year, India currently stands at the threshold of a unique opportunity regarding governance reforms. Governance is central to equitable socio-economic progress and political legitimacy. Good governance runs on four wheels: Governance in India has always been a critical issue for the governments since independence.

Neither the soviet style socialist path nor the free-market western capitalist economy appeared the best answer for the country.

It strives to craft a unique blend of its own socio-economic policies that would leverage its unique strengths and catapult it to centre-stage of the global economy.

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Government machineries at all level need to be strengthened. But mindset is changing as the government at the Centre has made it clear not only to its own wings but even to States that this chaos has to go with better use of information and communication technology.

Some of the organisations have successfully transformed their way of functioning and service delivery system with the help of modern technology. The quality and effectiveness of service delivery today is directly linked to good governance practices and use of modern technology, especially ICT.

It is widely accepted that governance should be citizen-centric and we need alertness and responsiveness in every aspect of governance. Modern technology is increasingly in demand at the government departments and organisations across the country, either due to the increasing pressure from the public or on the initiatives of bureaucrats and elected representatives.

Pakistan economy geo politics of water

Corruption and sustainable economic development are key problems in India. But, as a vibrant democracy, India has a distinct advantage as it has an accountable government that is subject to transparent surveillance on multiple fronts, democratically elected legislatures, an independent judiciary and evolving regulatory watchdogs.

That is India's inherent strength. The Right to Information Bill was passed in in an effort to improve governance and public administration and eliminate corruption. By transferring functions, fund and functionaries 3Fsefforts are being made to transform the lives of people. Increased financial autonomy was supposed to be the game changer but we are still far behind from our cherished goals.

Administration at various levels is still weak and the poor still suffer the most. Accountability, access to information, political will for real devolution of powers at all levels would only make the desired change and would lead to good governance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, "one of the biggest benefits of good governance is that it does not look at welfare of any particular section of the people; it results in welfare of all.

For example, if you improve water supply, everyone benefits.

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Technology and innovation are the backbone of governance. Technology also plays a large role in creating and maintaining transparency.Malala Yousufzai has inspired about , children, including 75, girls, to enroll in primary schools in Pakistan's Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) province, according to the provincial education minister.

Experts discuss U.S. relations with India, China, and Pakistan and will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the United States in light of changing regional geopolitics. China, however, has indicated a willingness to finance it under the CPEC rubric.

Additionally, given CPEC’s emphasis on generating more energy in Pakistan, the project may enable Pakistan to reduce its imports of oil and gas from Saudi Arabia, Iran’s bitter regional rival. A WaterAid report estimates Pakistan’s annual water availability at 1, cubic meters per person, compared to 5, cubic meters per person in If current trends continue, the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources warns, Pakistan will find itself at absolute water scarcity by 28mins BJP, RSS know they will not win next Lok Sabha polls: Rahul ; 39mins Demonetisation “bitter medicine” to treat corruption: Modi ; 53mins Bosch to invest million euros in India ; 1hr.

Why water scarcity is a bigger threat to Pakistan's security than militancy. Pakistan is facing an acute water shortage and may run dry by , according to a latest study.

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