Operations management stevenson 10th edition

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Operations management stevenson 10th edition

Operations management stevenson 10th edition

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message Encyclopedias of various types had been published since antiquity, beginning with the collected works of Aristotle and the Natural History of Pliny the Elderthe latter having articles in 37 books.

Most early encyclopedias did not include biographies of living people and were written in Latinalthough some encyclopedias were translated into English, such as De proprietatibus rerum On the properties of things by Bartholomeus Anglicus.

However, English-composed encyclopedias appeared in the 18th century, beginning with Lexicon technicum, or A Universal English Dictionary of Arts and Sciences by John Harris two volumes, published andrespectivelywhich contained articles by such contributors as Isaac Newton.

Ephraim Chambers wrote a very popular two-volume Cyclopedia inwhich went through multiple editions and awakened publishers to the enormous profit potential of encyclopedias.

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Although not all encyclopedias succeeded commercially, their elements sometimes inspired future encyclopedias; for example, the failed two-volume A Universal History of Arts and Sciences of Dennis de Coetlogon published grouped its topics into long self-contained treatises, an organization that likely inspired the "new plan" of the Britannica.

The first encyclopedia to include biographies of living people was the volume Grosses Universal-Lexicon published — of Johann Heinrich Zedlerwho argued that death alone should not render people notable.

Earliest editions 1st—6th, — [ edit ] First edition, [ edit ] First edition replica. Title page from the first edition A page from the first edition. The flow of short entries is interrupted here by one of the major treatises.

The Britannica was the idea of Colin Macfarquhara bookseller and printer, and Andrew Bellan engraver, both of Edinburgh. Although later editions of Chambers' Cyclopaedia were still popular, and despite the commercial failure of other English encyclopedias, Macfarquhar and Bell were inspired by the intellectual ferment of the Scottish Enlightenment and thought the time ripe for a new encyclopedia "compiled upon a new plan".

Needing an editor, the two chose a year-old scholar named William Smellie who was offered pounds sterling to produce the encyclopedia in parts called "numbers" and equivalent to thick pamphletswhich were later bound into three volumes.

The first number appeared on 6 December in Edinburgh, priced sixpence or 8 pence on finer paper. The Britannica was published under the pseudonym "A Society of Gentlemen in Scotland", possibly referring to the many gentlemen who had bought subscriptions. Three of the engravings in the section on midwifery, depicting childbirth in clinical detail, were sufficiently shocking to prompt some readers to tear those engravings out of the volume.

Previous English encyclopedias had generally listed related terms separately in their alphabetical order, rather like a modern technical dictionary, an approach that the Britannica's' management derided as "dismembering the sciences". Smellie wrote most of the first edition, borrowing liberally from the authors of his era, including VoltaireBenjamin FranklinAlexander Pope and Samuel Johnson.

With pastepot and scissors I composed it! Although this edition has been faulted for its imperfect scholarship, Smellie argued that the Britannica should be given the benefit of the doubt: With regard to errors in general, whether falling under the denomination of mental, typographical or accidental, we are conscious of being able to point out a greater number than any critic whatever.

Men who are acquainted with the innumerable difficulties of attending the execution of a work of such an extensive nature will make proper allowances. To these we appeal, and shall rest satisfied with the judgment they pronounce. Wherever this intention does not plainly appear, neither the books nor their authors have the smallest claim to the approbation of mankind".

The first edition was reprinted in Londonwith slight variants on the title page and a different preface, by Edward and Charles Dilly in and by John Donaldson in This has been periodically reprinted and is still part of Britannica's product line.

Macfarquhar took over the role himself, aided by pharmacist James TytlerM.

ISBN13: 978-1259087271

Tytler wrote many science and history articles and almost all of the minor articles; by Robert Burns ' estimate, Tytler wrote over three-quarters of the second edition.

The second edition was published in numbers from 21 June to 18 September ; these numbers were bound into ten volumes dated —, having 8, pages and plates again engraved by Andrew Bell. Most of the maps of this edition eighteen of them are found in a single page article, " Geography ".

The second edition improved greatly upon the 1st, but is still notable for the large amount of now-archaic information it contained.

For example, "Chemistry" goes into great detail on an obsolete system of what would now be called alchemy, in which earth, air, water and fire are named elements containing various amounts of phlogiston. Tytler also describes the architecture of Noah's Ark in detail illustrated with a copperplate engraving and, following Bishop Ussherincludes a remarkably precise chronology for the Earthbeginning with its creation on 23 October B.The Tenth Edition of Operations Management features the latest concepts and applications while preserving the core concepts that have made the text a market leader.

Stevenson's careful explanations and approachable format supports students in understanding the important operations management concepts as well as applying /5. Surname: First Names: Number: History: AARDEN: PAUL MICHAEL: – General manager of Sun Microsystems for South and Central Africa, based in Johannesburg.

left Sun Microsystems.

Operations Management 10th Edition

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