Low cost airlines essay

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Low cost airlines essay

Southwest Airlines is the only major airline that provides short-haul, point-to-point service in the United States. In fact it was the first airline of its type ever started; it has become the archetypical low-cost airline. The idea has proven itself so well, that other start-up airlines have based their company strategies upon the basics of Southwest.

Today, there are two other low-cost air carriers the other two airlines are considered national airlines and not major airlines that are actively and aggressively competing with Southwest Airlines for business and profit turning. The three American low-cost air carriers are currently posting profits even in light of the US economy's current state of affairs, with Southwest Airlines first, JetBlue second, and Air Tran third, in profits.

How is this possible when the major six airlines are reporting losses of millions and millions of dollars each quarter? The answer to this question begins about 30 years ago.

Southwest Airlines The product one airline can offer is the same exact product the next airline can offer, a single available seat mile ASM for sale.

Tale of Two Airlines in the Network Age - Essay

The difference between the airlines lies in the marketing, routing, pricing, executive decision-making, and the operating strategies that each airline chooses to espouse regarding that one product.

It is through these strategies that an airline must find productivity in total revenue passenger miles RPM flown to be profitable.

This LF is a management tool used to determine the efficiency and health of the airline. It is necessary to keep these two variables in balance of each other.

Southwest Airlines load factors are represented in Figure 1 and 2. It is the point-to-point; short haul airline that is capable of keeping costs low and turn profits, Southwest Airlines has proven just that. Southwest Airlines survived the initial years of deregulation, years of cyclical business cycles that may have led to recessionary and or inflationary periods, and its year post-deregulation financial condition remains strong regardless of current economic trends.

The airline management has made sound decisions in a governed airline market as well as an ungoverned airline market. It chooses to maintain a conservative financial philosophy and growth is only realized when the company can afford it.

Low cost airlines essay

Many airlines have been faced with losses on a continuing basis, whereas Southwest has performed consistently and remain unsurpassed through 30 years of service. Southwest Airlines and other term papers or research documents.The Low Cost Airline: AirAsia A study of opportunities, challenges and critical success factors LGT Air Transport Logistics Introduction History of low cost airlines The low-cost concept became a moneymaker in the United States, where it was pioneered in the s by Southwest Airlines, the model for budget carriers elsewhere like Ryanair.

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Do you think this is a positive or negative development? In recent years it has become far more normal for people to live alone, . Essay about Low Cost Strategy Low cost strategy is one of the Australia, , Competitive Strategy for Low Cost Airlines Hongwei Jiang RMIT University, Australia Abstract The aim of this paper is to identify challenge faced to Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs).

The phenomenon of low-cost airlines is relatively recent in the airline industry, and it was firstly introduced by Southwest Airlines, set up in and the only American airline that has been consistently profitable for the last thirty years.3/5(1).

Low-cost airlines, also called low-cost carriers, budget airlines etc., are airlines offering sometimes extremely low prices for plane tickets.

Although nowadays there are dozens, if not several hundreds, of airlines offering these cheap tickets, it started roughly during the s when they became.

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