I want a wife essay summary

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I want a wife essay summary

She is humorously in her essay while teaching the unmarried and also the married women the role of an uncomplicated wife. At times, everyone wishes they had someone to relay on and do things for him or her Ethos.

This shows she has comfortably stated what she had to say. Which is Brady wanting a wife so she can be independent, can take care of her physical needs, take care of her children, sensitive to her sexual needs.

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She lays out a list of what most women do when they have the job of a wife, such as taking care of any needs for her children, working her self, giving support to her husband while he goes to school, etc.

She is constantly describing what she wants in a wife and what she wants her to take care of. There are various types of ways syntax is used in the essay. Diverse style techniques, such as repetition and irony, are used along with the structural technique of using levels of intimacy.

This emphasizes the ideas that she is stating by making her ideas stronger and shows the selfish viewpoint of a husband. She gives the reader different views of a wife to picture in their mind and shows how much a husband aspects out of a wife.

Along with repetition, irony is used from the beginning of the essay, starting with the title.

I want a wife essay summary

One of the rhetorical devices that this essay uses is repetition. This is used to show the selfish viewpoint of husbands and young men who picture a wife that would do everything for them.

It makes it easier to understand what she is saying and going through that she would want a wife of her own while she is a wife her self.

Another rhetorical device used in this essay is irony. Irony is used from the starting of the essay to the end. The way the whole essay is written on regretting on being a wife and now thinking about owning one is kind of adding sarcasm, along with irony. By the use of irony in the essay, it sends a massage to all the male readers who depiction of having a faultless wife in their future life.

The strategy of using irony is that it shows that all males are looking for a wife as prefect as the one described by Brady. As for physical and social needs: Hyperbole; In addition to the other rhetorical devices, there is imagery as well.

They can also picture what she is going through that she has such detail ideas of what she wants a wife to do. The tone in the easy is mostly selfish and sexist. Brady lists many jobs that a wife dose and is expected to do by everyone.

She plays a role in her life doing the same jobs for her husband and her children and now she seems to be sick of them and wants a wife of her own to help out.

Though she describes the behavior of a male wanting a wife in his life, so he can depend on her for everything and do nothing himself.Why i want a Husband How I Met My Husband - Literary Essay I Want A Husband country husband The Husband The Trophy Husband Why i want a husband my dear and loving husband Husband Battering American Beauty and Country Husband Husband vs Wife Predictors Of Husband To Wife Violence Detecting A Cheating Husband .

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I want a wife essay summary

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife" Analysis - In this essay Judy Brady dives into the seemingly undesirable disposition of being a wife in a society that didn't allow women to do much of anything when compared to the liberty women have in society today.

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