Hrm case i am qualified why not me

Five years ago when

Hrm case i am qualified why not me

This settlement mandated that the anti-discrimination policies of the company should be revised and all the employees should be provided anti-discrimination training. Following this settlement, Cirque worked hard to ensure that its reputation remained untarnished by the incident.

The HR department was given training on the prevailing discrimination laws and the responsibilities of the employers. All the employees spread across the world were educated about HIV and other diseases by experts in the field.

The case proved to be an eye opener for Cirque, which had always had a reputation of being an undiscriminating, gay-friendly organization. But Cirque showed a certain willingness on their part to be fully engaged in making the changes that they need to make.

Cirque, an entertainment company, had shows combining several entertainment elements like traditional circus, ballet, opera, and theater. The company organized both permanent shows and touring shows. Cirque had changed the face of circus with its innovative practices.


As of3, people, with average age of 35 years, from more than 40 countries were employed with Cirque. But sometimes you have to reinvent HR. The company had two regional offices at Amsterdam and Las Vegas in addition to the headquarters in Montreal.

As the company grew, Cirque had to undergo a complete paradigm shift when it came to recruitment, training, and even planning out HR policies for its employees. For this purpose, they had to measure the liabilities and risks of general insurance and human capital.

They wanted a consistent insurance policy and insurance provider for all employees of the company. However, this was very difficult to achieve because of the global spread of the Cirque employees and so the company decided to differentiate its insurance coverage on the basis of four geographical locations — the International Headquarters in Montreal, the Las Vegas office, the Amsterdam office, and the touring shows all tours grouped as one location.

Such a policy ensured that the performers got satisfactory coverage, wherever they were located in the world. Cirque was quite clear that it wanted only the best talent as its performers Soon Laliberte and Daniel Gauthier Gauthier joined the group.

However, they did not have any predefined rule that only experienced people would be selected. While recruiting new employees, five major attributes were evaluated — creativity, commitment, responsibility, team-play and passion.

Only the quality of people mattered. They were too young and had no experience Interestingly, Cirque functioned without any make-up artists Culture and Work Environment At Cirque, the artists were given their own space and a creative environment where they were free to share their ideas.

Cirque also provided the artists an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. The work place was projected as a home-away-from-home and the colleagues were more like family members than co-workers. The artists were allowed to bring their families along on tours.

At Cirque, the work place was more like a playground. The atmosphere was open and inviting. This resulted in vast cultural gaps which made communication difficult between artists and technicians.

It also affected the quality of the show.

Hrm case i am qualified why not me

There were also many conflicts that arose due to cultural diversity. For example, the laws regarding sexual harassment were more stringent in the US than in Canada. Kissing to greet friends and co-workers was quite regular in Canada but could be considered a form of sexual harassment in the US and some Asian cultures.

In such cases, any complaint from an employee would lead to the company facing legal issues. Communication Open and unhindered communication within Cirque was like a corporate policy which insiders at Cirque cited as the reason for problems getting addressed and solved so quickly, worldwide.

Whenever employees had a problem or an issue they could easily write or talk to their supervisors about it and expect the issue to be addressed The Future Beckons It was important for Cirque to retain artists who were very talented and rare to find.

A case in point was the year-old Brazilian dwarf, Alan J. Silva Silvawho was spotted in Sao Paulo. In the Las Vegas show Zumanity, Silva performed in a role especially created for him.

He performed with a female gymnast who was almost 6 feet tall. The problem arose when he had to be replaced for a few days due to a shoulder injury.We have given Human Resource management – HRM case study of MAKAR Company which is based on Gained profit by missed opportunity & lost wealth.

HRM Case Study was not in a position to listen to her words he said that “sorry I am not ready to review my decision and neither wants any alternatives for this I want.

Do you schedule your most qualified candidates for a second interview? If not, you might want to consider adopting the practice. Here is why a second interview is a good idea. If you are the hiring manager, you have initial positive impressions from the first interview about the candidate’s skills and potential cultural fit.

Professionalization of Human Resource Management 3 7 Society for Human Resource Management 38 HRM INCIDENT AM QUALIFIED, WHY NOT ME? NOTES Selection Chapter Objectives Case Study Behavior Modeling Role-Playing CONTENTS.

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The case presents real-world situations and utilizes HRM knowledge and skills to complete. The case studies are often tied to not only the current chapter but also past chapters to ensure continued application of past concepts.

Interestingly, according to “Personal Liability and Employee Discipline,” the courts are broadly defining inappropriate contact to include things such as grabbing papers out of someone’s hand or pushing a chair that someone is sitting on.

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