How to write an article in english examples

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How to write an article in english examples

how to write an article in english examples

We can find all kinds of articles in newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. This, as we will see later on, we will find out from the instructions the FCE Writing paper provides us with.

Purpose of an article: The aim of an article is usually to talk about a topic that we like or that we are familiar with.

In general, an article is more informal than an essay, although it will depend on where it is supposed to be published an international magazine, a teenage magazine, a college magazine, an online blog, a newspaper, etc.

How to write an article for New FCE exam | English Exam Help

However, the most common case is that we must write a text in an informal or colloquial style. For this reason, our tone must be relaxed, making use of contractions, phrasal verbs and other colloquial expressions.

Besides, it is recommended to use rhetorical questions and exclamation marks to engage the reader. Articles must always have a title. If possible, this must be catchy and witty so as to engage the reader.


Then, each paragraph must address a single idea, to which you must add the introdduction and the conclusion, where you are usually expected to make a recommendation. It is also a good idea to end your article with a rhetorical question, especially if it is going to be an online article where people could in theory leave a comment.

Start by Gathering Information

An article is almost exclusively about giving your opinion, so feel free to do so throught the whole piece of writing. As you are normally asked to write about something you like or enjoy, opinions are expected to be generally positive.

How to Write Articles (with Pictures) - wikiHow It needs listening or reading with an analytical perspective. Below is a guideline that will assist you throughout the process of writing rhetorical analysis essays:
10+ Article Writing Examples & Samples - DOC, PDF But do you know what makes an article different from other types of writing?
Search form Who is the audience? Is it effectively written for that audience?

Any article for FCE is usually a very personal piece of writing, so you can speak in the first person as much as you like.

You may be asked to write articles on a variety of topics: Instructions of an Article for the FCE Writing Paper It is extremely important to read the instructions carefully, as you are supposed to obtain all the information you need to write the article. In this case we can see the following: Where our article will be published:Sep 06,  · To write that sort of summary, you will read the whole article through and then write only the main idea in a few sentences.

You may also be required to explain how you are going to use that article in your urbanagricultureinitiative.coms: Write an article briefly describing an important object, person or place in your life and give reasons for your choice. The best article will be published and the writer will receive £ Write your article in words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

In this lesson, we will explore three very small but important words in the English language: the articles a, an and the. These are words that you use in almost every sentence that you speak or write.

Sep 13,  · How to Write a How To Article. If you know how to do something most people don't, you're the perfect candidate to write a how-to article.

When Should You Summarize an Article?

Engineers, relationship experts, poets, competitive eaters, and wannabe rock stars - look no further%(98). Article writing example is the process of writing an article for a specific purpose and audience. Articles are written to discuss different subjects or topics.

Articles are written to discuss different subjects or topics. Jul 30,  · How to Write Articles In this Article: Article Summary Forming Your Idea Researching Your Idea Outlining Your Idea Writing Your Article Finalizing Your Work Community Q&A There are a multitude of different types of articles, including news stories, features, profiles, instructional articles, and so 81%().

how to write an article in english examples
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