How does one achieve the american

Ones race, social status, and even gender all determine the ability a person has to achieve this American Dream.

How does one achieve the american

We can't be sure we'll all be allowed to vote this year! July 11, at 1: Even if you are in the military you may not succeed. Unless you are a baseball, football or any sports player, musician, actor, you will not succeed. The entire history of slavery and the Civil War will always be up front to push the racist agenda forward until people like you.

I find it wholly ironic that a nation written and conceived with the idea of equality and religious tolerance ,enslaved a race of people to build what they wanted and killed off those who were already residents to get what they wanted.

How does one achieve the american

All that time fighting the british who did the same to others all over the world. Now that a sizeable group of citizens have now decided to share the rights written about and died for. Which one has the best chance of achieving the American Dream during their lifetime?

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Carefully ponder all the things that could affect the chances for each of these babies and you will answer your own question. In Canada everyone has the opportunity to achieve the "Canadian Dream" race is not part of the equation; is there prejudice in my country I have no doubt that there is, but someone's race, skin colour or religious beliefs would not stand in the way of achieving their dream.

The right wing religious nuts for lack of a better word and your people's inability to see beyond race and colour will be its' downfall. The US claims to be a "melting pot" July 11, at 1: But let's wait 40 or 50 years and ask their grandchildren the same question when the shoe is on the other foot and they are now a minority.

Bet the response is different. Non-whites and females have to work much harder to get to the same place as a Caucasian male.

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But as whites lose their majority status and blend in with the multi-colored face of America, and as the middle class is extinguished where there is only the filthy rich and the filthy masses, none of it will matter anyway.

Constitution do not guide this country as it once did. Maybe what we need is another constitutional convention to add a glossary to the document. Define each term so that no one can twist its meaning to their liking. Realize that an assault has been taking place on individual rights, unions, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

I believe minimum wages laws along with overtime over 40 hours worked to be dismantled.

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America is still overwhelmingly run by whites, and their perceptions of others are often based on race, religion, sex, wealth, appearance, and personality. If you don't meet the white person's internalized litmus test of "acceptability", you don't get the job, the apartment, the bargain, the education, and a variety of other opportunities that could have helped you achieve the American dream.

Achieving the dream has suddenly become a hundred times harder, if not impossible.So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past ” (Fitzgerald,) "The thing about Gatsby" This presentation is a character analysis of Gatsby, describing how he does not truly achieve "The American Dream".

Apr 19,  · How To Achieve More Than The American Dream. He went on to co-found what became one of the leading venture capital firms in the State where he helped launch and grow many other successful Utah.

Kadeejiah Bowdre Ms. Shah English 9 March 6, The American Dream How does one achieve the American Dream? The answer undoubtedly depends upon one’s definition of the Dream, and there are many from which to choose.

The problem with wanting what they have now is that you get into debt. And when you get into debt, your ability to achieve the American dream is super limited.

How does one achieve the american

You can't quit your job and start your own business, because you have credit card bills hanging over your head, for instance. Work hard. If you want to achieve the American dream, and end up better off than your parents were, here are some things you can do: Get cost effective training.

For years the advice was to go to the best. How to Achieve the American Dream.

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by Darrin Donnelly on October 14, You’ve been lied to. You’ve been told that to achieve financial success, you have to work endless hours and sacrifice a happy family life. The ONE THING You Need More of If You’re Going to Succeed as a Trader;.

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