Ethnic profiling why it is wrong

The term racism is a noun describing the state of being racist, i. The origin of the root word "race" is not clear. Linguists generally agree that it came to the English language from Middle Frenchbut there is no such agreement on how it came into Latin-based languages, generally. A recent proposal is that it derives from the Arabic ra's, which means "head, beginning, origin" or the Hebrew rosh, which has a similar meaning.

Ethnic profiling why it is wrong

The nationality law officially obliges those who have multiple citizenships by birthright to choose one by the age of But in fact, possibly hundreds of thousands have maintained multiple nationalities and to date the government has never cracked down on any of them. In response to questions over the number of dual nationals, the Justice Ministry confirmed to The Japan Times that somepeople were or are in a position to have dual nationality.

This figure is based on official family registries maintained by local municipalities between andand includes people who have declared or forfeited Japanese citizenship, as well as people assumed to have multiple nationalities based on their birthright. The same survey showed that This lengthy feature from The Japan Times conducts original research on dual nationality in Japan, and gives vital insights into the game of legal chicken played by the Japanese Government to get people to forfeit their dual nationality and by extension, part of their identityall for mere allegiance to the fiction that Japan is monocultural and homogeneous.

This suppression of diversity must stop, but few are taking notice. The takeaway is this: As the JT has also recently reported, there is no real penalty from the Japanese Government for not surrendering your non-Japanese nationality: Declare Japanese nationality and quietly keep renewing your foreign passport.

Ethnic profiling why it is wrong

Only you can give one up.What’s Wrong with Ethnic Profiling? This article was originally published by Project Syndicate. James Goldston is executive director of the Open Society Justice Initiative.

Ethnic profiling why it is wrong

Jul 24,  · Best Answer: Racial profiling is always wrong because it assumes an outcome without considering the individual and the facts. For example, Obama is *more* guilty of racial profiling than the police officer who arrested Gates because Obama assumed that the police officer reacted the way he did because Gates Status: Resolved.

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Racial Profiling Is Ineffective and Wrong, So Why Does It Keep Happening? - Generation Progress

A large majority of Americans are opposed to racial profiling, according to poll numbers. A Reason magazine survey from last year, asking people how they felt about stopping drivers and pedestrians based on their racial or ethnic background, found that . Ethnic profiling is the use of racial, ethnic, national, or religious characteristics as a way of singling out people for identity or security checks.

It refers to law enforcement and security officers making decisions about who is suspicious based on race, ethnicity, or ethnic identity rather than reasonable suspicion. Racial profiling is wrong with out a doubt. To profile another human being because of his or her race or ethnicity to momentarily make the jobs of airline personnel, federal law enforcement, and local police easier.

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