Essays on illiteracy in pakistan

Its population exceeds million people; that is why it is considered to be the sixth country in the world in the terms of population. Pakistan appears to be a strategically important region of South Asia because of its location. The country borders Afghanistan, Iran, India and China.

Essays on illiteracy in pakistan

Those people who are well-informed in modes of life are called educated. But illiterate are those who cannot read a paragraph in any language with - understanding. The difference between literacy and education is clear; In common understanding the educated people are those who have received formal education in educational institutions.

But actually the educated people are those who understand the modes of life. Illiteracy covers the maximum number of population in which the higher age group people fall. They have crossed the age of 40 and more. There are the people mostly living in rural areas and have their rural profession related to agriculture.

With the advancement of mechanized farming the labor force in rural areas became unemployed and some people are shifting to urban areas for job. Again these people are unemployed in urban areas facing problems of residence and employment. Moreover, those who are literate are unable to get employment due to shortage of jobs.

Illiteracy is the problem when the people are unable to under stand new policies in agriculture which give poor yield per acre. Illiterate people are mostly familiar with old methods of cultivation and feel hesitation in adopting the new ones.

Illiteracy is a problem because the national target could hot be attained by which self-sufficiency in food could not be achieved. Illiteracy is a social problem because maximum number of people are in this condition and they are unable to understand the new techniques of social life.

They remain behind in raising their standard of living. They are mostly, poor. Illiteracy is a social problem because such people are irrational in attitudes and in emotions they commit such acts which are violation to the rules and laws of the society.

Illiteracy, is a social problem in view of failure in understanding the methods of life, the religious knowledge and values and the general information on social progress.

The roles they play in life without such information and knowledge are least useful. The most common cause of illiteracy is our traditional culture based on pure agricultural, profession in which education is not considered to be a foundation of life.

Mostly, the cultivators have been illiterate people through out centuries in the history of our social life. It was considered that. Some are cultivators and some are helpers to the cultivators. Therefore, the tendency towards education is not favorite concept among the residents of rural area.

A student put to school and college is considered to be useless for them. Moreover, they say that he will neither get employment in offices nor he will be able to cultivate the land and thus his life shall has been destroyed. Illiteracy rate is higher among women than men. It is evident from the fact that most of the women are illiterate in rural areas.

Essays on illiteracy in pakistan

The people of rural areas dislike women to be employed in any government or private office. A woman is preferred to be a good wife, a good mother and a good daughter, if she works within the family.

Now a change has come into the social structure of rural life that an educated girl is liked to be married as a wife but working within the household duties. This education is limited to school and the Holy Quran.ILLITERACY & ITS EFFECTS essays Education and literacy is an important part of building an economically and socially stable global environment.

Event in the recent past further emphasize the absolute importance of universal basic education of good quality as an essential, if not sufficient, co. LITERACY IN PAKISTAN Pakistan's Senate on Wednesday was informed that national literacy rate is 54 percent out of which percent male and percent female are literate.

Illiteracy is brake on human development, and maps of illiteracy – poverty, underdevelopment, social discrimination and disease are always co-incident.

It is a challenge to human dignity and imposes a second-class status on a person in all societies. democracy in pakistan hopes and hurdles outline democracy hopes and hurdles essay democracy hopes and hurdles essay outline democracy in pakistan The Future of Democracy in Pakistan Hopes and Hurdles CSS Essays Essay on democracy in Pakistan css forum essay writing service Social ills like illiteracy and poverty also contribute.


Introduction: Illiteracy means inability to read and write. Illiteracy is a curse because it is illiteracy that lowers down human being to the level of beast. Illiteracy is compared to darkness because it darkens individual's vision, outlook, behavior and in a word, all aspect of life.

It is the root cause of ignorance. Главная страница» Без рубрики» Essay about illiteracy in pakistan. Essay moscow journal essay my bird brother's wedding essay on my planet workout routine short scholarship essay example usa essay topics about music industry essay writing english topic dse.

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