Entwistle review essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity The book, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, discusses the integration of the different fields of Christianity and psychology. In this book, the author, DN Entwistle, discusses integration as a combining the two books of God. He then proceeds to include five models of integration in the book which are:

Entwistle review essay

Cynthia Smalls Running head: Entwistle 4MAT Summary Entwistle captures the essence and nuances of worldviews, philosophies and methodologies necessary to develop an integrative approach to psychology and theology.

Entwistle builds on that foundation by providing a historical dichotomy of faith and science. This book does a magnificent job revealing the connections between psychology science and theology faith and promotes a collaborative and strategic approach of integration for providing a more comprehensive method of diagnoses and treatment for clinical disorders.

Entwistle delves into the multifaceted controversial dialogue that has taken place between scientists and theologians for centuries that, ironically, correlates with each other in that both have similar quests for knowledge and seek Entwistle review essay obtain relatively the same outcomes.

The book identifies worldviews as a major component promoting prohibitive perspectives regarding integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity Entwistle, Additionally, the author explores a variety of worldviews and describes consequences surrounding them, as well as the foundational epistemology of truth, how this Entwistle review essay is processed and how resulting perspectives are formed in favor of, or against the arguments of integration.

The author describes Christianity as having had the greatest impact on historical world events and cites numerous scripture references throughout the book to expound on specific points. Nevertheless, Entwistle warns that the biblical perspective alone is an incomplete view and limits a true global and unbiased formulation of truth in its purest form.

He attempts to 4MAT BOOK SUMMARY 3 help the readers understand that no one has an untainted perspective regardless to how much knowledge one gains; simply because our finite minds are limited as human begins and incapable of flawless decision-making despite our efforts.

Along with this discourse, Entwistle provides further validations supporting the necessity of integrative perspectives in closing the gaps between psychology and Christianity to formulate more substantiate outcomes in treatments.

Entwistle review essay

Although theology and psychology have foundational differences, Entwistle is able to present fundamental correlations between the two. The book gives clear depictions of the natures of the world and humanity in supporting a balance from the biblical and scientific philosophical vantage points.

In the final chapters of this book Entwistle embarks on discussions involving several methodologies associated with framing perspectives and the effects they have on integration.

The book defines such models as: Each model is representative of a relationship model and useful for gaining further knowledge, understanding and interpretation of reasoning processes that promote or further limit the integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity.

My assessment was based on the way she dressed and the church she attended. We never had much of a conversation prior; especially about her faith. I immediately recognized her lack excitement despite the fact that she said she was happy for me.

A couple of weeks passed and I was out mowing my grass when she and her daughter pulled up into their driveway next door to my home. When she got out of the car she did something she never did before; she came over to greet me.

I was really pleased that she now wanted to talk to me. When she approached me she said that her daughter thought I was a man cutting my grass because I had on pants.

She said she explained to her daughter that I was a new Christian and needed to be told about dressing like a Christian woman. She told me that women who are Christians should not wear pants, makeup and jewelry other than a wedding ring and watch. That was the most deflating conversation I had since my new walk of faith in Jesus Christ began.

I became depressed and would hide form them whenever I was wearing pants, makeup and jewelry. I began to question my commitment to Christianity. The worldview of my neighbor was a very legalistic one as it pertained to walking in sanctification. In her religious beliefs, if I was truly a Christian, I needed to show an outward sign of walking away from anything that would keep me looking like others in the world in order to prove my new walk.

An integrative approach to Christianity and psychology would have been useful to both her and me. I felt unworthy by her comments and was emotionally crushed. She made me feel that she was a better Christian and closer to God than me because of her choice to dress and look a certain way.

Entwistle Review Essay Sample

Her perspective was tainted by her worldview of Christianity. What are the primary ethical issues that could arise in the Christian Counseling Profession? How would a counselor who does not market their practice as a Christian Counseling Profession integrate biblical aspects into the treatment of clients?

Is there a particular area of counseling that would benefit more from the integration of psychology and Christianity than others, and why?(“David N.

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Entwistle Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words”, n.d.) David N. Entwistle Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words. Review: Christianity and World Missions Essay theological—explicitly Trinitarian—basis. Tennent’s first chapter on megatrends that shape current mission is an excellent overview on the state of global Christianity, which is the context for theologizing and for all mission endeavors.

Entwistle Review Essay Sample. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. Throughout all societies the church has been an influence. The church gave counsel to all and humanity depended on this through the Christian beliefs. With the inquiry of psychological science and divinity.

Entwistle review essay

psychological science became apart of society. Jesus and Prophets used the. Entwistle refers to Francis Bacon and his description of two books authored by God. He calls these books the book of God’s Word and the book of God’s Works (Entwistle, ). 4-Mat Review on Entwistle 4-MAT Review on Entwistle COUN B16 June 03, Liberty University Dr.

Angel Weaver Abstract In the literature of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity written by author David Entwistle (), explains Christianity, and psychology being integrated with one another.

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Dec 09,  · Summary of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and ChristianityIn the book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David N.

Entwistle () the reader is at first challenged with the idea of psychology and Christianity being at odds with one another.

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