Effects of computers in classroom

Negative Effects of Computers in Classrooms By Jessy Norman Computers and other related technologies have become an enormous part of our daily lives.

Effects of computers in classroom

These resources can engage the user through interactivity and make it easy to process, analyze and share information of all kinds. Despite the benefits that can arise from integrating technology and computers into the classroom, there is also evidence from several studies there are significant negative effects from technology in the classroom.

Cost Equipping a classroom with computers or supplying the entire student body with laptops is a significant cost for any school. In addition to the initial purchase costs, there are costs for maintaining networks, maintaining the computers and routinely upgrading the hardware and software.

Though "bring your own device" policies may relieve the school of some of these costs, the policies shift to students and their families, who may not be able to afford the hardware and software.

Effects of computers in classroom

Electronic textbooks may not be significantly cheaper than hard copies, and when students are responsible for purchasing them the cost may be higher as used copies cannot be bought or sold.

Diversion of Resources Money is a significant resource used for technology, and a school may try to absorb the costs by eliminating other proven beneficial programs such as music or arts. Additionally, setting up computer labs or dedicated classrooms requires space which must be taken from other programs.

Furthermore, the time taken for training teachers to keep their computer skills up to date takes time away from teachers being able to train in their subject area.

Limited Learning Students may be more enthusiastic about studying a subject if they are preparing a PowerPoint presentation or a video clip instead of a written essay. However, they might spend more time and effort on the presentation than researching the subject, and complete the project knowing very little about the subject.

Participation and enthusiasm do not necessary lead to learning. Electronic texts can also limit learning as they are less interactive than paper textbooks.

Effects of computers in classroom

Many e-readers do not allow highlighting or notes, and even when they do, it is more complicated than marking up a paper copy. Furthermore, an electronic text can be harder to browse through than a hard copy.

Student Distraction The technology-enabled classroom offers access to information, but it also offers many more distractions.

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The technology can also lead to dangerous situations as students can be exposed to inappropriate online materials or predators in online places such as chat rooms.Instructors and students now use computers to increase productivity, monitor class discussions and provide round-the-clock access to information.

Computer technology reduces the cost and waste associated with traditional paper formats. When used effectively in the classroom, computers provide interactive content, save time and enhance instruction. With all of the programs and functions that computers and the Internet offer, there is something for everyone to use on a computer, which acts as an aid to students’ creativity.

If you like music, you can easily find programs and activities related to music. If you like art, . Two classroom-based studies (discussed below) suggest that students’ use of laptops can have a positive effect on their attention and learning—if these tools are used for course-related, instructional purposes.

In contrast, one of the two studies found a negative correlation between use of laptops in class and course grade when laptop use.

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Negative Effects of Computers in Classrooms. By Jessy Norman. Computers and other related technologies have become an enormous part of our daily lives. Following are some of the negative effects computers have on students when used inappropriately. Poor Use of Computer Time Unless supervised, many children use home computers for recreation rather than for homework or other productive research.

Negative Effects of Computers in the Classroom By Henry Francis, eHow Contributor The argument over the benefits and negatives of using computers in classroom is a hot point of debate.

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