Different opinions on internet filters and the violation of free speech

Not being specific enough leads to meaningless chatter and misunderstanding. If I have to ask several questions in order to understand what a person is saying and what their statement or comment meansthen the person giving that statement or comment either knows very little about what they are saying or they're trying to manipulate you.

Different opinions on internet filters and the violation of free speech

Hate Crime Definitions and Trends What is a hate crime? These are crimes committed against individuals or groups or property based on the real or perceived race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ethnicity of the victims. The role played by these personal characteristics in motivating the offender is the key difference between hate crimes and other crimes.

Why do hate crimes occur?

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Hate crimes often occur as a result of prejudice and ignorance. A lack of understanding about differences among people and their traditions contributes to fear and intolerance.

Left unaddressed, these sentiments may often lead to acts of intimidation and ultimately hate-motivated violence. How often do hate crimes occur? According to the FBI, reported hate crimes increased slightly, from 7, in to 7, in The 7, hate crime incidents reported to the FBI involved 8, separate offenses, 9, victims, and 6, known offenders.

Racial bias represented the largest percentage of bias-motivated incidents The number of reported anti-Islamic crimes decreased from in to ina decrease of 0. Who commits hate crimes? Of the 6, identified hate crime offenders, the majority were white 4, or The five states with the highest numbers of hate crime were: California 1, incidents, These five states comprise Where do hate crimes usually occur?


Are hate crimes decreasing or increasing? It is difficult to tell if hate crimes are on the rise or on the decline. On the one hand, reporting hate crimes is a voluntary action taken by States and localities.

Some States with clear histories of racial prejudice and intolerance have reported zero incidents of hate crimes. At the same time, many victims of hate crimes are often reluctant to come forward -- a direct result of the trauma caused by the crime.

Although the Hate Crime Statistics Act was passed inStates have only been collecting and reporting information about these crimes to the FBI since It appears that for those States and localities that have reported hate crimes, the number of incidents nationwide has continued to hover annually somewhere between 6, and 8, Again, this may be indicative simply of the reporting or non-reporting trends of different localities Is there an increase in hate crimes following a national crisis or during other difficult times?

While direct correlations are always difficult to establish, there is strong evidence that when the country is faced with traumatic events, such as the tragic events at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania on September 11,hate crimes escalate.

In the weeks following the events of September 11th, for example, the FBI initiated numerous hate crime investigations involving reported attacks on Arab- American citizens and institutions.

These attacks ranged from verbal harassment to physical assaults.

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There were also reports of mosques being firebombed or vandalized. In the wake of the overwhelming response to the toll-free hotline established to document claims of discrimination, harassment, and hate crimes following the September 11th terrorist attacks, the United States Commission on Civil Rights USCCR expanded its capacity to collect information by initiating a second toll-free hotline.

During one hour period following the attacks, the volume of calls peaked at approximately 70 calls per hour.Comments. Brother Nathanael May 7, @ pm.

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The Censorship Master Plan Decoded - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.

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Not sure what I'd . Before plunging into the details of the proliferating controversies over freedom of expression on the Internet, you need some background information on two topics. The first and more obvious is the Free-Speech Clause of .

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Different opinions on internet filters and the violation of free speech

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