Curbing abortion

Abortion In Kenya Introduction Abortion is recognized as an emotive, sensitive and even divisive issue all around the world. The case is no different here in Kenya. This was really brought to light during last year's referendum for a new constitution where the church, who were at the forefront of the NO Campaign, wanted a strong anti-abortion law included while at the same time there was a strong pro-abortion wave that stood against the Church's stand.

Curbing abortion

This mission will gather data on plastics in the seas, in the air and in the sediments that will be shared with universities in the UK, the US, Canada and Switzerland. Image copyright Emily Penn Image caption Crew members carrying out a manta trawl, one of the key methods of gathering data For Emily Penn, it is the potentially toxic impact of the breakdown of plastics in the ocean by seawater and sunlight that is of great concern.

These tiny fragments contain chemicals which are similar to the sex hormone oestradiol and this can impact fertility in animals and humans.

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She has sailed around the world on a ship fuelled by biodiesel, and she co-founded eXXpedition - which runs a series of all-female voyages. Earlier this month, she received the Points of Light award from Prime Minister Theresa May, which recognises outstanding volunteers making a change in their community.

With her team on board the 22m 72ft -long research vessel the Sea Dragon, Emily will sail two legs, covering 3, nautical miles.

Curbing abortion

A team of 10 women from a range of different countries will take part in each section of the journey. The team will be trawling for plastic, trailing nets behind the ship. They will also gather air and water samples, and record observations of wildlife along the journey.

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Image copyright Emily Penn Image caption There are cramped conditions for all aboard the Sea Dragon "We'll be looking at sediments for the plastics that have sunk to the bottom and we'll be looking at the air and the microfibres that are present in the air that we are breathing - we are taking the science to the next level.

Sea-going animals mistake microplastics for food and eat them, absorbing these contaminants. Because they don't ultimately break down, these chemicals become concentrated in the bodies of creatures, and are magnified as they move up the food chain. So a predator such as tuna will contain much higher concentrations than something like a shrimp or small fish.

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What else will they be doing? As well as science, the crew of Sea Dragon will be aiming to raise public awareness of the plastics issue and to push for solutions. While TV series like Blue Planet 2 have sounded the alarm on plastics, more needs to be done.When President Trump Monday nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he probably doomed the right to abortion, same-sex marriage, and maybe even contraception.

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Curbing abortion

Kaine is personally pro-life, but said he would uphold the constitutional right women have to make their own choice to get an abortion if they need or want one. "I think you should live your moral. The control of communications by government is necessary so as to prevent the spread of ideas that may undermine the stability of the nation.

'Global gag rule' reinstated by Trump, curbing NGO abortion services abroad Reagan-era rule bans international NGOs with US funding from providing abortions or offering information, ‘ignoring.

Nov 28,  · Wade, which legalized abortion until viability, usually at 22 to 24 weeks. Ohio Right to Life, the state’s largest anti-abortion group, and many lawmakers worried the limit would be unconstitutional, jeopardizing other abortion limits.

Curbing Abortion Rights