Concert report robert holm

Having attended an event here before I was familiar with the location and was much more comfortable with the environment. The audience was mostly in casual attire making the event seem more laid back than I expected.

Concert report robert holm

Holm Acoustics DSPre 1 Digital signal processing offers amazing possibilities for improving the sound of an audio system. And the Holm DSPre1 really delivers the goods. It offers the ease of an automatic system together with the superior results that detailed user control allow. Purely automatic systems, for all their ease of operation, often leave one frustrated by the impossibility of fine adjustments.

Its operation and programming are so straightforward and so easily comprehended at first encounter that a novice with DSP will easily and immediately obtain gratifying results. It is as simple to set up as the purely automatic systems. But the control offered to the user, again in an easily approachable form, means one can do really fine adjustments by ear—and much for the better.

A quick look at the instruction videos on the Holm Web site and you will feel like an expert—and you will get expert results as well. For those who want to go deeper, there are many further options, reaching all the way to being a do-it-yourself crossover designer, enabling you to make DSP crossovers for any bi-ampable or tri-ampable speaker.

In addition, its intrinsic digital sound quality is of the highest level. The Holm DSPre1 is superb simply as a way to play digital sources, leaving the correction systems aside. And it allows corrections to be made that will take the sound of your system to almost unimagined perfection.

It is truly a DSP system for all, from the novice to the professional and everyone in between, and a sonic wonder. For one thing, it verifies before your very eyes by before-and-after measurements that it did what it was supposed to do.

DSP is, in effect, mathematics, and mathematics can be taken on faith—it always works. But hardware has limitations, and it is useful and important to be able to check that an implementation of mathematics in hardware form actually did what it was supposed to.

An even more important distinctive feature of the DSPre1 is that it does what many people including me have long considered to be the right thing to do—it corrects the speaker first and then corrects its interaction with the room afterwards. Why this is a good idea I shall go into later.

But it definitely is a good idea, and it works out extremely well here. Another important feature of the DSPre1 is that it operates on digital directly. With these, you have to convert a digital source to analog, then have the correction device convert the analog back to digital, and then, after the DSP, convert back to analog.

While the DSPre1 will accept analog inputs and handle them very well, it also accepts digital inputs and operates on the digital signal directly. No extra conversions are involved. The instructional videos from the Holm Web site get you up and running, though the screens presented by the device itself are so clearly laid out that you could probably dispense with the videos if you wanted to.

A calibrated microphone is supplied. Attach the unit to a line-level preamp input or, better, directly to an amplifier, attach the mike to the unit, attach your computer with the program installed to the unit by a USB cord, and you are ready to go.

When the measuring is done and the system optimization is over, you can disconnect your computer. But you can also leave the computer connected to change EQ curves on the fly—or to play music from your computer.

The DSPre1 functions as a digital line-level preamp; it includes a volume control so that its analog output can be connected directly to an amplifier.

The DSPre1 accepts external digital sources of a wide variety of sampling rates as inputs see specs at the end of the article.Dr. Robert Holm Robert Holm, a Steinway Artist since , is Professor of Music and head of the piano division at the University of South Alabama, principal pianist for the Mobile Symphony Orchestra and pianist at Dauphin Way Baptist Church.

03/22/07 MUL Concert Report On March 20, I attended a concert at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center featuring a piano recital by Robert Holm. ROBERT HOLM ES BELL FIRST AMERICAN TITLE REPORT AND RE COMMENDATI ON The Court has re viewed the Report and Recommendation f iled by the Unite d States Magistrate in this acti on.

The Rep ort and Recomm endation was duly served on the parties. No objections have been fi led. Robert Mondavi established his namesake winery in with a vision to create Napa Valley wines that would stand in the company of the world’s finest.

He chose To Kalon Vineyard in the heart of the Napa Valley as the home for Robert Mondavi Winery. The following link updates periodically to surface new messages from the MCA. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Address.

Concert report robert holm

E Chicago Ave Chicago, IL When you buy a ticket to a live concert, it’s usually understood that you’ll see a final, complete work of performance. For some shows, this is true.

Eventbrite - Rogers Lions Club presents Rockin Rogers Days Concert - Johnny Holm Band - Friday, June 22, at Rogers Community Room, Rogers, MN. Find event and ticket information. It wouldn’t be Rockin Rogers Days without the Johnny Holm Band.

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