Banning pda at schools

Posted in Hiring, Legislation, Personnel Issues, Privacy, Social Media Maryland recently became the first in the nation to ban employers from asking job applicants and employees for their Facebook and other social media passwords. Collins claims he was required to give his password to the interviewer who then proceeded to log onto his account and look through his personal messages, wall postings and photographs while Collins sat there. The new Maryland lawwhich goes into effect in October, specifically prohibits employers from asking or requiring a job applicant or employee to disclose any user name, password or other means for accessing a personal account on a social media site through a computer, telephone, PDA or other similar device.

Banning pda at schools

The ban includes all overtly religious dress and signs including Muslim headscarves, Sikh turbans, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses. However, the furor over the ban has focused mainly on the banning of Muslim headscarves or hijabs. Some have boiled the debate over the law down to a battle of individual freedom of religious expression against unity and political neutrality.

Banning pda at schools

As part of this desire to separate religion and government, religion is given no special status though it is respected and can be freely practised. This system was initially established to prevent religion from interfering in government affairs.

Today, the same concept is being applied in support of the ban on religious symbols in France's public schools. Some also believe that this ban will help prevent the division of society into ethnic communities, and promote integration into French society.

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We cannot let it weaken. A global protest followed in Januarywith demonstrations occurring in cities across Europe and North America. Opponents of the ban say that it violates international laws on the rights to freedom of religion and expression, and that religious practices should only be limited when there is a public safety concern or the practices affect the rights of others.

In addition, some say that this law disproportionately affects those for whom the wearing of religious symbols is considered an obligation, not a choice, such as the wearing of the hijab for women of the Muslim faith.

Premise of School: Hot Topic - Excessive Bans in Schools

There is also concern that this could discourage school attendance by Muslim women. Finally, there is also some debate over the fact that the law does not ban all religious symbols, only "obvious" religious symbols.

However, whether the fact that this law is selective means that it is also discriminatory has not yet been decided. Similar issues in Canada In Marchthe Quebec Court of Appeal ruled that a Sikh student, Gurbaj Singh Multani, could not wear his kirpan, a ceremonial dagger, to school, arguing that security concerns were more important.Join or Renew Your Membership Today!

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15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. Apr 02,  · Palm Beach County school officials say it's time to consider lifting a ban on student cell phones to take advantage of new technologies and boost .

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As American Psycho showed me, banning ‘immoral’ books makes them more compellingbanning ‘immoral’ books makes them more compelling. Schools Government 'working night and day' to work out structural risks in Irish schools after safety concerns The Department of Education has ordered risk assessments at more than 40 schools.

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