Attrition defined business plan

Under the circumstances you may wonder whether your best option is to freeze current benefits or terminate the plan entirely. Requirements and effects will differ depending on which plan you have. Terminating Pensions The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation allows for two types of pension terminations -- standard and distress.

Attrition defined business plan

Filed under - Call Centre ManagementAttritionCoachingRetentionTraining In many organisations, the contact centre is viewed as a separate community. But when it comes to recruitment, the contact centre can learn from HR. However, if you have an orientation plan in place, like many HR departments do, you can help retain advisors for longer.

With this in mind, Orit Avital, General Manager at Ottorita, summarises the main attrition defined business plan of building an orientation plan which will help you to retain new advisors and more.

What Is an Orientation Plan? An orientation plan is the general name for a clear, structured process that the advisor undergoes from the moment they enter the organisation until the end of their adjustment period.

It is intended to lead to a more pleasant induction process, which inspires a higher sense of certainty and security for the advisor. The orientation plan should also promote the quick integration of the advisor within their role, the contact centre and the overall organisation.

While this list could perhaps be extended further, here are the seven main benefits of creating an orientation plan. Reduction of recruitment costs by reducing abandonment.

Acceleration of the recruitment and integration process of new advisors at the contact centre. Reduction of the initial management resources invested in the advisor during the initial period of their work at the contact centre.

Optimal coordination of expectations with the advisor regarding their work and what is expected of them.


Building and strengthening a positive attitude with high satisfaction of the new advisor, right from the start of their employment. Reduction of anxiety, stress and uncertainty among new advisors.

Institution of a structured, professional and sometimes progressive advisor training process. However, the essence of the plan does not end with the creation of a hearty welcome.

attrition defined business plan

This is an important and necessary activity in every organisation, but it is not the main thing. Having said that, why not try to include the most cheerful greeting when welcoming new advisors to the organisation?

In the context of the welcome, you could try out some of the activities listed below. Activities for the First Day While it is great to keep the first day light and breezy, to settle advisors into their roles, there are four key areas that should be covered.

An Introduction to the Organisation — Its history, vision and guiding values, principal norms and the organisational structure.

An Introduction of the Contact Centre — The function of the contact centre in the company, the purpose of the contact centre, guiding values and important functionaries. Targets, objectives and responsibilities also need to be discussed. Documents to Give to Advisors on Their First Day Giving advisors the right information on the first day can help to improve their attitude towards the position.

Here are six ideas for documents that you can give new recruits on their first day, from important materials to more innovative suggestions.A Definition of Attrition Rate. A common attrition rate definition refers to employee or staff turnover, but in a broader sense, attrition rate is a calculation of the number of individuals or items that vacate or move out of a larger, collective group over a specified time frame.

Reduce Attrition by Creating a Contact Centre Orientation Plan.

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attrition defined business plan

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