Alcatel the one touch design

Back, Home, and Menu. They light up quite nicely and evenly with the device as well, and have no issues with backlighting as far as I can see.

Alcatel the one touch design

Share Save Okay, so we wouldn't go so far as suggesting that Alcatel One Touch's Idol Alpha handset "takes creativity to a new level," but hey, the company's allowed to employ a little hyperbole in its press releases.

That particular statement refers to the 4. The company's also pretty psyched about the curves on the thing. The above image likely doesn't do the curvy 7. Thankfully, we're already here in Berlin for IFAso we should be doing just that in the not too distant future. Follow all of our IFA coverage by heading to our event hub!

You will be attracted from the first glance of the device with its unique and sleek design which stands out from the market. It mixes metal case, curves and translucent edges to create a device out of current categories. This innovative design is ideal for both business and casual use.

Its unique design and great performance of Quad Core 1. IDOL ALPHA takes creativity to a new level with translucent edges, which illuminate in various modes such as charging, video, notifications, and more to give a smarter experience. Finely set in an aluminum metal frame with a 7.Design wise, the Alcatel One Touch Fierce comes in two colors- slate and silver.

Like any other Alcatel devices, this smartphone somehow feels cheap though its silver version has a . Welcome to ALCATEL, the place where simple, meaningful & authentic technology is front of mind.

Alcatel makes technology innovation accessible to everyone.

Alcatel the one touch design

A. ALCATEL ONE TOUCH - News - Press Room - ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Wins 2 iF Design Awards Discover why more and more people are choosing our products Alcatel ONE Touch updated their cover photo.

Jan 22,  · The Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 is a T-Mobile phone that does many things inexpensively, but not particularly well. Alcatel One Touch is an Android froyo touchscreen smartphone, from Alcatel One Touch series, phone has 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash.

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