A survivors mental and physical battles

She talks about the ways her PTSD affects her life but also about the empathy she learned at a young age that inspires her to teach yoga in prisons, especially fellow survivors of sex-trafficking. Click here to watch a documentary about Anneke Visit the website for her foundation LiberationPrisonYoga. Every little bit helps.

A survivors mental and physical battles

It is a Worm fic with an OC Sort of an SI in terms of character as the narrator, with Taylor and the Undersiders teaming up as additional protagonists.

A survivors mental and physical battles

Here goes the prelude chapter. If you want zero spoilers overall, then you might want to skip this one and start from the next chapter. That was thoughtful of her. The gangers were swarmed soon after. Which is when I decided to make an entrance, I closed the hole in the Instant Dimension from where I was watching, walked to a point where I'd be about a few metres in front of him, then collapsed the ID.

I materialized as if from a shatter in reality, Mana Construct Armor and Mana Boost combined glowing ghostly Cherenkov Blue at the edges - apparently it's extremely impressive to look at. Lung whipped his head back to look at me, already 8 feet tall and growing, he pretty much ignored the insects swarming him and wasted no time to throw a fireball at me.

I let it hit me, Thermal Resistance wasn't at a very high level but my armor took most of it like a champ.

It dropped less than a sliver of my HP, which would recover in the next few moments. I manifested a mana construct sabre. Sadly even with relentless practice, my resolution of control on Mana Construct skill Level 49 now had only reached nanometer levels, still couldn't make one with the mythical monomolecular edge or exotic metamaterials as I would have liked to.

Taylor had sent me a message saying his skin was getting hotter and tougher to penetrate, so she was going after his soft tissues.

I internally cringed in a moment of man-sympathy. Thankfully Gamer's Mind allowed me to ignore it and keep my full focus on the fight. I lunged forward and slashed him experimentally a few times, they left shallow gashes which Taylor immediately took advantage of, sending her biters to the exposed flesh.

At that moment Lung exploded in flames.


Most of Taylor's bugs in his immediate vicinity died. It was okay, they were mostly disposable, except for the few super venomous ones she had on Lung. Oh well, not like she didn't have millions more in her inventory.

Which was well within expectations, I only needed to be faster than him, not stronger. My next few swings hit the scales appearing on his skin only to produce sparks, flashy but useless. I changed the material of the sword construct from steel to tungsten carbide, pumping mana into it to cover for the extra mass.

The next swing went too low, because I hadn't accounted for the extra weight. I corrected that and the next hits again left some gashes. By now I was almost starting to have trouble avoiding Lung's flailing With the amount of martial arts skills I had amassed, his movements definitely looked like flailingI observed him again, his status effect said Mildly Poisoned: I needed more poison in him to counter his regen, and fast.

Lung made a grab for my sword and I didn't have time to get it out of his reach, so I let it dissipate and absorbed most of the mana back. Mana Construct has reached Level 50 and evolved to Advanced Mana Construct You can now construct things at the atomic level.

I sent Taylor a message about what I was going to do, then dipped into my inventory to bring out a collection of her most poisonous bugs, most of them normal wasps with their venom sacs modified to contain all kinds of tranquilizers and paralytics that we could get our hands on.

A survivors mental and physical battles

I applied Mana Boost on them as they came out, Taylor immediately took control of them and started hovering them around me, if they got too far from me, the boost would fail, and they'd probably burn too in the veritable inferno Lung was becoming.

Oh well, at least my thermal resistance was leveling up nicely. I constructed a tungsten katana, with the edge of a single row of carbon molecules, Lung roared something unintelligible and ran at me telegraphing a punch at my stomach. Besides, his current semi-draconian 15 foot frame meant he had to bend down to punch me.

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Bringing his upper body well within the required range. The punch still took out a noticeable bit of my HP and dented my armour, Gamer's Mind let me ignore the spike of pain and let me focus fully on the next move.

I bent forward using the reaction to the punch, swung the katana and extended the tip at the right moment to carve out his windpipe and jugular avoiding the spine, no killing. I had a lot of skills to outright annihilate him, and quite a few to quietly subdue him, but the goal was to put on a proper show.

I sent Taylor a burst message which mostly amounted to "Neck! Lung possibly tried to roar, but only a wheeze came out. The bugs came back out and I put them back into inventory, where they'll stay in stasis till I could refill their payload.

Lung grabbed his throat, stumbled and toppled. He fell down in the exact fashion that a 15 foot dragon-man would.Survivors of sexual assault from The Mighty's mental health community weigh in on songs that helped them after their sexual assault. Why does c-ptsd exist? Complex PTSD comes in response to chronic traumatization over the course of months or, more often, years.

This can include emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuses, domestic violence, living in a war zone, being held captive, human trafficking and .

Episode notes: Click here to watch a documentary about Anneke. Visit the website for her foundation urbanagricultureinitiative.com Visit her Facebook page.

Episode Transcript: Paul: Welcome to episode with my guest Anneke Lucas.I’m Paul Gilmartin; this is the Mental Illness Happy Hour, a place for honesty about all the battles in our heads, from medically diagnosed conditions and past.

18 Songs That Have Helped Survivors Find Hope After Sexual Assault. NHL Legend Theo Fleury “My coach raped me over times”. The truth that Theo almost died trying to keep to himself. Only when he hit bottom with drugs, sex and gambling could he summon the courage to face what had happened when he was a rising 14 year-old phenom.

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