A discussion of womens unequality in society

I tend to think that the main obstacle to eradicating FGM lies not only in the rest of the world condemning it but in educating the ones directly involved in it. It takes a child with an extremely strong mind to reject FGM, when all she hears about in school and from her friends was how so-and-so and so-and-so were circumcised together and what adventures and secrets they shared. I know of incidences where a girl runs off to be circumcised with her friends obviously because she wants to be considered as 'normal' only to regret later.

A discussion of womens unequality in society

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I personally think that our society would not work, and would not be considered as a free nation, and that is because of the akward descisions we have choosen. First is group ownership, while it is true that sharing would make almost everybody equal, people dont want to be equal.

People, each have different personalities and want to show them, they want to personalize their property, but mostly anything belongs to nobody.

People at a certain time have to rotate houses, we maked this choice to make everybody equal, so that even if someone was living on a poorer enviroment, they could atleast have the hope of at some point rotating to a better one. The thing is that those on the good houses would also have to accept the fact that one day they will be living for some time on a worst enviroment.

The other thing is that poeple do not have the rigths to claim for new ideas, the rules are established and people who dont like them will need to live with them, theres definately missing some freedom of speech.

The other thing is that while we established group ownership to make everybody equal, we awkwardly chose not to give equal rigths to the different sex. Women have more rigths than men, women do everything while we men do not do a thing.

The leader is a women also. I personally would not like to live on this island. Considering i am a man, i would be really bored, while i work my days doing absolutely nothing on the house while woman have all the benefits. The fact that i have to rotate my house every so often would also became very frustrating, i would never have the time to fully accomodate on one, and i if a get to do it, sadly one day i will need to trade it for a house that would not be as good as the last one, living on the worst house of the island for some time could definately be irritating and would become a fear that will always come every year.

To terminate everything theres also a terrorist group that constantly harm the citiznes and causes trouble. Definately not a good place to live.

A discussion of womens unequality in society

The womans on our group really wanted to give us men fewer rigths than them and the only thing that comes to my mind of why was that, was the fact that womens at some point in history had less than men and they wanted to change that on the island and make us suffer what they not the girls of the group but womens as a whole suffered.

We obviously denied the idea, but at the end we loose.

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The idea also contradicted what we already established before with group ownership trying to give the citizens the sense of equality. I have learned that creating a society is really hard as it is very difficult to satiate every single person on the island.

People have different mentalities and ideas and some will not be considered.

A discussion of womens unequality in society

Theres alot f things to adress and it just becomes a jeadacke, maybe thats why after starting relatively good with our society, we ended up making it really controversial and bad as a whole i would think.Remarks by UN Assistant Secretary-General and UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri at “The Value of Hosting Mega Sport Events as a Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainable Development Tool” event on 16 February, Every child deserves to reach her or his full potential, but gender inequalities in their lives and in the lives of those who care for them hinder this reality.

Girls and boys see gender inequality in their homes and communities every day – in textbooks, in the media and among the men and women. This column is part of “The State of America,” an urbanagricultureinitiative.com series leading up to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Jan.

This is the state of the issues. We need to be explicit about this in order to keep every discussion from being only about individual people’s struggles (which are real and deserve attention) to also include the politics and culture of the workplace as a whole.

Gender is used to organize society. Apr 11,  · Genital mutilation not only threatens the sexual and reproductive health of millions of urbanagricultureinitiative.com is also a violation of womens fundamental human rights.

A corporate perspective with a focus on gender equality makes obvious that investing in the human capital of women equates to investing in the development of strong businesses in peaceful societies.

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