2 why is it so difficult for the jury in twelve angry men to reach its final verdict

May 05, It is for a range of reasons that the jury in Twelve Angry Men Reginald Rose find it hard to reach a unified decision.

2 why is it so difficult for the jury in twelve angry men to reach its final verdict

In the story, a down-on-his-luck alcoholic lawyer accepts a medical malpractice case to improve his own situation, but discovers along the way that he is doing the right thing. The Verdict garnered critical acclaim and box office success.

Plot Once-promising attorney Frank Galvin, framed for jury tampering years ago, was fired from his elite Boston firm and became an alcoholic ambulance chaser with little work.

As a favor, his friend and former teacher Mickey sends him a medical malpractice case in which it is all but assured that the defense will settle for a large amount. The case involves a young woman given an anesthetic during childbirth, after which she choked on her vomit and was deprived of oxygen.

The woman is now comatose and on a respirator. Her sister and brother-in-law are hoping for a monetary award in order to give her proper care. Frank assures them they have a strong case.

2 why is it so difficult for the jury in twelve angry men to reach its final verdict

Frank visits the comatose woman and is deeply affected. Later, a representative of the Catholic hospital where the incident took place offers a substantial settlement. Without consulting the family, Frank declines the offer and decides to take the case to trial, stunning all parties including the presiding judge and the victim's relatives.

Meanwhile, Frank, who is lonely, becomes romantically involved with Laura, a woman he had spotted earlier in a bar. Things quickly go wrong for Frank: Concannon is shown paying off Laura.

Frank's break comes when he discovers that Kaitlin Costello, the nurse who admitted his client to the hospital, is now a preschool teacher in New York. Frank travels there to seek her help, leaving Mickey and Laura working together in Frank's office.

Mickey discovers the check from Concannon in her handbag and infers that Laura is a moleproviding information to the opposing lawyers. Mickey flies to New York to tell Frank of Laura's betrayal. Shortly thereafter, Frank confronts Laura, striking her and knocking her to the floor. Mickey later suggests it would be easy to get the case declared a mistrial.

But Frank decides to continue. Costello testifies that, shortly after the patient had become comatose, the anesthesiologist one of the two doctors on trial, along with the archdiocese of Boston told her to change her notes on the admitting form to hide his fatal error.

She had written down that the patient had had a full meal only one hour before being admitted.Twelve Angry Men Pre-Reading Activity III Twelve Angry Men is a famous drama. It was originally written as a screenplay for television, but later revised as a longer screenplay for a movie and as a play to be acted out on stage.

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The play contains three acts, all of which take place in the jury room. Get an answer for 'Why is it so difficult for the jury in Twelve Angry Men to reach its final verdict?' and find homework help for other Twelve Angry Men questions at eNotes. TWELVE ANGRY MEN – Questions and Answers 1.

Why is it so difficult for the jury in 'Twelve Angry Men' to reach its final verdict? I think the jurors really had to get past their personal bias and prejudice. This is because the jury find it difficult to reach a final verdict. Prejudice and personal feelings blind a juror from the truth and being stubborn causes the verdict to be prolonged.

Personal prejudice can influence a juror's decision and impact on the case and its final verdict. Why might some of the jurors begin to have doubts after this point? There is reasonable evidence for the defense. as the jury files into the jury room early in the play, we learn something about the time of day, the weather, and the nature of the room.

2 why is it so difficult for the jury in twelve angry men to reach its final verdict

Rose shows that in Twelve Angry Men it is difficult to reach a verdict when jurors essentially have pre conceived ideas and bring personal prejudice in a case, along with Jurors that lack interest.

These factors undoubtedly cause conflict and difficulty in the Jury system, which highlights a potential weakness in the democratic process.

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